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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Billdidit Coady Compressor

Hi all! I’m back with a new review!

The good people at Billdidit, who brought us the Coady Clutch and cymbal blast rim have done it again! This time they bring us the Coady Compressor! This is a pretty cool re-design on the cymbal hi hat clutch, and when used in conjunction with the Wash control spring, you get a pretty cool clutch.

Basically, the clutch mounts on the hi hat stand rod similar to how a regular clutch does but the difference is that it doesn’t get mounted to the top hi hat cymbal like standard clutches do. The top hi hat rests on the bottom hat. Now, I know you’re asking yourself “How do you get an open hat sound?” Well, that’s where the wash control comes in. The wash control is a device that has an adjustable spring that separates the hi hat cymbals and you can control how far they separate by adjusting said spring. 

So what advantages does the Coady Compressor have over standard clutches? Well, I  think that that is up to the individual drummer, but I’ll give you my personal opinion anyway…As a heavy hitting drummer, I have the issue of the retaining nut that holds the clutch onto the top hat cymbal coming loose while I’m playing a gig and have to tighten it back up every 4-5 songs, but since this clutch doesn’t have that nut, my problem is solved. I also think that it will lower the effect of key holing on the top hat cymbal as well. 

So while some people may call this product just a re-invention of the wheel, I think they did a good job and thought very intuitively as to what it would solve for drummers. Good job Billdidit!

Ok, now the best part! Yes! You guessed it! I have a Coady Compressor to give away! I know many of you aren’t Facebookers so I’m just going to require that to enter the drawing, just post a comment on this review!

Good luck!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Tru Tuner

Hello people! I’m back!

Today’s review is on the Tru Tuner. This is a new device used to quickly tune your drums. Out of the box, it’s a little confusing; luckily they sent me some pretty good instructions! Once I got it set up I realized that there is a little bit of a learning curve to using it. After a while of playing with it, I think I finally got it down.

Basically, it’s designed to tighten down all the lugs simultaneously and apply equal amounts of tension. It comes with modified keys that go onto the drum’s lugs and then fit into holes in the plate. You tighten the lugs by moving the plate in a circular motion…this takes practice. The first time I did it, I had some of the keys going into the wrong holes (there are holes set for different diameter drums) and putting the keys in the wrong holes makes it REALLY hard to function properly. Once I figured that out, things worked much better. It does a really good job loosening and tightening evenly. The only issue I noticed is that as they rods tightened down, it became more difficult for me to turn them.  I may have still been in the learning curve though so I’m not going to fault the device.

Overall this is a cool invention. It seems big but it was designed to fit in your cymbal bag, so with that in mind, its size is acceptable. I’m not sure of its practicality in a gigging situation because by the time you set it up you may have been able to tune or remove the head with a standard drum key. I could see this coming in handy for someone who has to maybe change the heads on a kit or multiple drums though.

I am in need of more products to review so if you are a company, feel free to contact me, if you know of something cool you want reviewed, please contact me at

Until next time!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sleeved Washer by Hendrix Drums

There are a lot of products out there that try to reduce tension rods from backing out and help tune a drum a little easier. Most of what is out there is either expensive, ugly, or both. I think I finally found the product that takes care of BOTH issues!

Introducing the Sleeved Washers by Hendrix Drums! These are plastic washers that fit on to your tension rods to help keep them in place. I know, I know, you’re thinking “big deal, there’s already products out there that do that.” You’re right but one of the cool things about these is that they’re small enough that if you use black one, you won’t really see them but what’s really cool is that they come in 16 different colors so if you want, you can use them to accent your drum as well!

I put these on my Medicine Man snare drum a couple weeks ago, recorded tensions with my handy dandy Tension Watch and didn’t touch the tension rods the entire time I was testing them. I played the crap out of that snare. I’m a heavy hitting metal drummer so I know the issues with tension rods backing out. The results? Today I took my tension Watch out and there was barely any change in tension! These things really work!
So, now that they work and are cosmetically pleasing what’s next? Price. I did a review a while back on a different product that does the same thing and even though it did a good job, the price was ridiculous. Well, the Sleeved Washers have taken care of that too. They come in three different quantities:
20 - $8.99
50 - $16.99
100 - $25.00

Those are some good prices in comparison!
If you are looking for a product to keep your tension rods from backing out or…hell, you just want to put something on your drum to subtly accent it, these are excellent for both jobs!
So make sure you check em out at and tell them PJ sent ya!

Until next time!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Exodus Cymbals

Wow”! It’s been a while since I’ve been able to write a review!

OK, there are a lot of new cymbal companies popping up nowadays. I did a review on one quite a while back and now here’s another one worth checking out!
Exodus Cymbals. They’ve been around a short time but are making some noise in the industry. The cymbals are Turkish and made very well. They have ten different lines: Altavox, Armageddon, Emunah, Kaphar, Koinonia, Shalom, Shofar, Sinergy, Worship, and Yuhbal
I’m going to talk about two of the lines that I have, Altavox and Worship.

First up, the 22” Worship Ride, This is a pretty heavy cymbal, I didn’t weight it but it’s got some bulk to it, nice and pingy with just enough wash. It’s also pleasing to the eyes (not that that matters, sound is more important but I give credit where it’s due). Nice finish (I like shiny cymbals), great sound and a decent price. Can’t beat that.

Next up 13” Altavox Hi Hats, I’ve always like the crispness of 13” hats over 14” and these reinforce my belief. These hats are nice and crisp and cut through the music like no other!

I really don’t know how to explain any of these cymbals effectively enough so I posted some videos of each cymbal so you can hear it for yourself. I mainly have Worship and Altavox cymbals in my collection but I can see myself trying some of the other lines as well. Maybe we can talk Exodus Cymbals into giving up a cymbal for a giveaway?

Be sure to check them out at

Until next time!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Still here!

Hi all!

Sorry I haven't been posting reviews lately, I got a new day job that has been taking me out of state for most of August. I'm still here and will be adding reviews as soon as I can get them written! I have some cool ones coming up!

Thank you!


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

KG Cymbal Blast Rim

Hi guys! I’m going on vacation tomorrow to sunny San Diego, CA so I am posting this weeks review a little early!

This is for the KG Cymbal Blast Rim. This product is brought to you by the Billdidit, the makers of The Coady Clutch! It’s mainly for the death metal drummers out there but I can see it being used elsewhere. Everyone has heard of the one handed drum roll right? In the metal drumming community it is referred to as the one handed blast beat. It’s a technique that uses the rim of the snare drum as a fulcrum  to play a drum roll/blast beat with one hand. Well, the people at Billdidit asked themselves “How about being able to do that on a cymbal?” And the Cymbal Blast Rim was born.

 Now I don’t have the technical abilities to play one handed rolls/blast beats so I enlisted the help of my friend Matt McKasty, drummer for the brutal metal band Warfear. Below is his unedited review of the product.

“Today I will be reviewing the KG Cymbal Blast Rim made by Billdidit. The KG Cymbal Blast Rim is a product designed to enable a player to apply the freehand technique to one or more of their cymbals as opposed to just their drums. For those of you who don't know what the "freehand technique" is, it is when the player uses the rim of the drum a fulcrum on the center of the stick to get even single strokes with one hand using a see-saw motion. It is also commonly referred to as a "gravity blast". The KG Cymbal Blast Rim represents a small section of counter-hoop just like the one you would find on your drums, which threaded to mount on any standard 8mm cymbal post. When mounted in front of a cymbal it gives you a fulcrum point to execute the technique just as you would on your snare. You can use is on any of your cymbals, but I found it to be intrusive on anything other than the ride cymbal. I can see it being used off to the left of the hats and being played with the left hand as well, but anywhere else it seemed to get in the way of my playing. When positioned in front of the ride cymbal the piece worked surprisingly well. It didn't encumber my ability to play around the kit and it allowed me to play clean one handed rolls on my ride with little effort. I sometimes use my floor tom rim to do this, (which is really only possible because of how low my ride sits in proximity) but having a rim exactly where I need it in front of the cymbal made it much more comfortable and practical. The only issue I ran into with the KG Cymbal Blast Rim is that it must be threaded all the way down onto the post to be stable, so you cannot twist it on the post. This isn't a huge issue being that it is designed to mount on a separate stand which can be rotated in itself, but I used the product on a boom arm that I clamped to my ride stand and it created a small issue, though nothing that can't be solved by the implementation of a small counter-nut on the cymbal post. All in all I have to say the KG Cymbal Blast Rim functions exactly as it was intended to. It may be impractical for some, but the bottom line is it works. If you want to be able to apply the freehand technique to your ride cymbal, but can’t because your ride doesn’t have a rim, this product may very well be the answer.”

The KG Cymbal Blast Rim runs 15.95.

For more info, go to

Until next time!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Bum Wrap Winner!

Congrats to Chris (Cutaway79)! He's the winner of the Bum Wrap Drum Co wrap!